scrubsVisit Driftwood to get your “NO NASTY” favourite scrub.

Ylang Ylang Face Scrub – kaolin will draw out any impurities in the skin, oats moisturise and exfoliate and ylang essential oil treats acne and is gentle for mature skins. Use as a daily face wash and as a face mask. Try adding yogurt and honey or your favourite fruit or vegetable. 120ml

Coffee Butter Scrub – Shea Butter and coffee grounds make such an excellent gentle body scrub and skin polisher. This one also contains soft soap making it an all in one bath and shower product. Lemongrass and Grapefruit essential oils give an uplifting boost to this creamy delight. 120ml

Honey and Orange Sea Salt Scrub – The combination of salt, oils, honey and calendula petals will exfoliate, nourish, heal, boost circulation and hold the moisture in. Leaving your body fresh and sweetly orangey. 120ml

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