Abalone Jewellery


Driftwood stock a beautiful and affordable range of abalone jewellery – Tide Jewellery and Icebronz Jewellery

‘Tide Jewellery’ uses sustainable sourced natural sea shells from New Zealand (paua shell). The natural swirls of the New Zealand Abalone Paua shell create individual patterns, making each piece of jewellery unique. Often referred to as the sea opal due to its opalescent blues, rich greens & fiery purple flashes. As abalone is intimately connected to the sea, it represents the tides of emotion and helps bring harmony to relationships. Tide Jewellery is nickel, cadmium and lead compliant and is beautifully gift boxed. The range consists of necklaces, earrings, brooches and bracelets.


‘Icebronz’ also use sustainable sourced New Zealand paua shell which is coated in a high quality resin to create clear and striking colours. Icebronz is hypoallergenic, meaning less likely to cause an allergic reaction. Icebronz use sterling silver hooks and posts for all their earrings , then it is coated with their hypoallergenic finish. Icebronz jewellery comes beautifully gift boxed with care instructions and you can choose a special note card for the receiver. The range consists of necklaces and earrings.


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